Royal Holloway University of London

The prestigious Royal Holloway University has worldwide appeal, delivering degree programmes to over 8,600 students from over one hundred countries. Top Brass were briefed to replace two hundred bed bases in the students' halls of residence.Designs had to be practical, durable and affordable.

Space was already at a premium, so we proposed a new sleeping solution; a roll-out guest bed that could be secured when not in use. Working collaboratively with the client, research and development were undertaken in-house, pre-planning  work carried out well in advance, so that fit-out could begin as soon as the summer term ended.

Our on-site team turned around the implementation in just seven days, without hiccups, on budget and in line with the contractor's programme. We were out of the door before the first foreign students arrived to bed in for the new term.Top marks for Top Brass.

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